Project Management Tools

Two specific tools have been developed over the years to assist you in project management. These are the Gantt chart and the Network chart. Most project management software packages use a technique known as critical path method (CPM) to help you track your project. The critical path is displayed in Microsoft Project using a Gantt chart.

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In this video following topics are covered:
  • Gantt Chart
  • Critical path method (CPM) 
  • Network Diagram
Gantt chart and the Network chart

Gantt Chart and Critical Path :

The diagram shows a Gantt Chart for CPM in Microsoft Project. The critical path is that sequence of tasks which represents the longest total time required to complete the project.
Gantt Chart and Critical Path

Network Diagram

A Network Diagram chart is used in Microsoft Project to display the task relationships graphically. Each task is shown as a part of a network of nodes. Their relationships are drawn using connecting lines and arrows. The following diagram shows an example of a Network Chart in Microsoft Project. 
Network Diagram

Network Diagram

Network Diagram

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