Task and Resources in Microsoft Project

A project is a sequence of tasks that leads to a specific objective or accomplishment. A project is different from everyday routine events in that it usually originates when something non-standard must be achieved. For example, moving office, building a factory, implementing a new computer system, are all examples of non-routine events that could be defined as projects.

A project usually is made up of one or more non-routine tasks that lead to a specific objective, has a start and finish date or time and is accomplished with a limited or measurable set of resources.

Resources in Microsoft Project

In this article we will learn following:
  • Gain an understanding of the two key elements of a project
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of planning a project
  • Gain an understanding of project management tools and gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of Microsoft Project.

Resources in Microsoft Project


The following diagram shows tasks listed in a typical project in Microsoft Project. When building a house, for example, you may need to seek council approval, prepare the site works, lay the slab, erect the walls, and so on. These are the tasks required to construct the house. The time taken to complete each task is called its duration. The project is completed when all of the tasks have been accomplished.
Resources in Microsoft Project

Resources in Microsoft Project

Tasks can only be accomplished by providing resources. Resources can take the form of people, money, equipment, facilities or supplies. The following diagram shows resources listed in a typical project in Microsoft Project.
Task in Microsoft Project

Task in Microsoft Project

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