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 dual government system of Bengal
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Governor-General of India List
Previous year SSC questions on Viceroy of india | Previous year UPSC questions on Governor General of india
Who was the first Governor General of India?
‘Ring Fence’ policy is associated with
Second Governor-General of India
The Tomb of Lord Cornwallis is situated at –
Who was the first Indian native ruler to accept the system of the subsidiary alliance?
viceroy at the time of partition of bengal
The Treaty of Sagauli took place in the year ||Third Anglo-Maratha war is related to-||The revolt of Vellore occur during the regime of which 
Who among the following Governor Generals of Bengal was associated with Third Anglo-Mysore War?||Who among the following was associated with suppression of thugs?||Under whose leadership was the 
 Suppression of Thugs achieved?
The export of slaves from Bengal was banned in which year? || Awadh was annexed to British Empire in India by ||  In which year Sati System was abolished by William Bentinck?
Oudh was amalgamated into the British dominion in the year– || James Andrew Ramsay was the real name of which Government-General of India? || The ruler of which one of the following states was removed from power by the British on the pretext of misgovernance?
 Sindh was annexed by the British in –
||The princely state of Baghat was annexed to the British in || The fi rst railway line in India was started in the year || The fi rst railway in India was laid down during the period of-
Queen Victoria was appointed the Empress of India in –|| Public Works Department was organized in 1845-1855 by –|| In whose rule the Widow Remarriage Act was implemented in –|| Who of the following was the first Viceroy of India?
Who had merged Sikkim in India?||  ‘Permanent Settlement’ was introduced during the
tenure of –||When was Peshwaship abolished?
The 1st census in India during the British period was held during the tenure of – || Who among the following is associated with the policy of ‘Masterly Inactivity’ : || The Viceroy who followed aggressive policy towards Afghanistan was ||
Local Self-Government institutions in India were strengthened in 1882 by : ||  Who established Imperial Cadet Corps? || Who had the longest tenure as the Viceroy of India ?
Who was responsible for encouraging the local self Govt. in India? || Who amongst the following is considered to be the Father of ‘Local Self-Government’ in India? || The Ilbert Bill controversy was related to the
The Archaeological Survey of India was established in the period of – ||  The Archaeological Survey of India was established in the period of –
Who among the following Governor-Generals ridiculed Congress as representing only a ‘microscopic minority’ of people? || Who is called the ‘Father of Indian Archaeology’? ||  Who compared Curzon’s administration in India to 
that of Aurangzeb?
Which of the following Governor-General used the system of Separate electoral college to conquer Muslims and make them against Congress?||  Who among the following was the only Jewish Viceroy of India? ||  The strategy of ‘Divide and Rule’ was adopted by
Who was the founder of Empire in India? || Who was the founder of Empire in India? || . The transfer of the capital of British India from Calcutta to Delhi was aff ected during the period of-
governor-general of bengal