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About this Course This course is designed exclusively for the students preparing for the different competitive exams including civil services, […]


About this Course

This course is designed exclusively for the students preparing for the different competitive exams including civil services, banking, railway, eligibility test, and all other competitive exams of such kind. Furthermore, the school students (especially class 11th and 12th standard) can also take advantage of this tutorial for the fast revision of their Geography course (especially during the annual exam time).

  • The Solar System & Geologic Time Scale

    The Universe, Big Bang Theory, Dark Energy, Gravitational waves Star Formation (Stellar Evolution or Life Cycle Of A Star) Solar System Formation: Nuclear Disc Model (neo-Laplacian model) Sun’s Internal Structure and Atmosphere, Solar Wind Planets of the Solar System & Other Solar System Objects

  • Indian Geography

    India: Geographical Extent & Frontiers Indian Rock System: Archaean, Purana, Dravidian & Aryan Rock System Himalayan Ranges: Shiwaliks, Middle Himalayas, Greater Himalayas, Trans-Himalayas & Purvanchal Regional Divisions of Indian Himalayas Himalayas: Glaciers, Valleys & Snowline Major Mountain Passes in India & Himalayas Indo-Gangetic-Brahmaputra Plain | Bhabar, Terai, Bhangar, Khadar Divisions of Indo-Gangetic-Brahmaputra Plains Peninsular Plateau (Deccan Plateau) | Plateaus in the Peninsular Region Hills of Peninsular India: Aravalis, Vindhyas, Satpuras, Western & Eastern Ghats Coastline of India | Coastal Plains of India Indian Islands: Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep Islands & New Moore Island Drainage patterns: Discordant drainage patterns & Concordant Drainage Patterns Classification of Drainage Systems of India Indus River System: Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas & Satluj Ganga-Brahmaputra River System: Major Tributaries of The Ganga & Brahmaputra Peninsular River System vs. Himalayan River System East Flowing Peninsular Rivers: Godavari, Krishna & Mahanadi East Flowing Peninsular Rivers: Cauvery, Pennar, Subarnarekha, Ponnaiyar & Vaigai West Flowing Peninsular Rivers: Narmada, Tapti, Sabarmati, Mahi, Luni & Ghaggar Mechanism of Indian Monsoons Indian Monsoon Mechanism: Jet Stream Theory Indian Monsoons: Role of Tropical Easterly Jet, Tibet, Somali Jet & Indian Ocean Dipole Indian Monsoons: South West Monsoons & North East Monsoons Western Disturbances | Cloudburst Indian Climate | Factors Affecting Indian Climate Indian Climate: Summer & Winter Seasons Indian Climate: South West Monsoon Season Indian Climate: Retreating Monsoon Season (North East Monsoons) Stamp’s & Koeppen’s Classification of Climatic Regions of India Natural Vegetation of India: Moist Tropical, Dry Tropical, Montane Sub-tropical, Montane Temperate & Alpine Forests Soil Types: Sandy, Clayey & Loamy | Soil Profile (Soil Horizon) Factors that influence soil formation in Indian Conditions Major Soil Types of India: Alluvial Soils & Black Soils Major Soil Types of India: Red Soils, Lateritic Soils & Alkaline Soils

  • Oceanography

    Major and Minor Ocean Relief Features Marginal seas of the world | Bay, Gulf, Strait, Isthmus Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean & Indian Ocean Ocean currents: Forces Responsible For Ocean Currents | Desert Formation and Ocean Currents Pacific Ocean Currents | Phytoplankton and Fishing Atlantic Ocean Currents | Sargasso Sea Indian Ocean Currents | Effect of Monsoons on North Indian Ocean Currents Vertical & Horizontal Temperature Distribution of Oceans Ocean Salinity: Vertical & Horizontal Distribution of Ocean Salinity Tides: Spring Tide & Neap Tide| Tidal Bulge | Tidal Bore Coral Reef: Fringing Reef, Barrier Reef & Atoll Coral Reef Bleaching and Ideal Conditions for Coral Growth

  • Climatology

    Latitudes & Longitudes | Standard Time Motions of the earth: Rotation and Revolution Atmosphere: Role, Structure & Composition Temperature Distribution on Earth & Heat Budget Adiabatic Lapse Rate | Latent Heat of Condensation Atmospheric Pressure Belts and Wind Systems Factors Affecting Wind movement | Coriolis Force Types of Winds: Permanent, Secondary & Local Winds Temperature Inversion: Types & Effects on Weather Geostrophic Wind, Jet Streams & Rossby Waves Major Jet Steams: Subtropical Jet Stream & Polar Jet Stream Air Mass | Air masses based on Source Regions Fronts | Types of Fronts: Stationary Front, Warm Front, Cold Front & Occluded Front Humidity: Relative Humidity & Dew point Condensation | Forms of Condensation: Dew, Fog, Frost, Mist | Types of Clouds Smog: Photochemical smog & Sulfurous smog Precipitation: Types of Precipitation | Types of Rainfall Thunderstorm | Thunder & Lightning | Tornado Tropical Cyclones: Favorable Conditions for Formation, Stages of Formation & Structure Storm Surge | Naming of Cyclones | Cyclones in Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal Temperate Cyclones (Mid Latitude Cyclone or Extra tropical cyclones or Frontal Cyclones) Comparison of Tropical Cyclones & Temperate Cyclones El Nino | ENSO | La Nina | El Nino Modoki | Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) Polar Vortex & Ozone Hole (Ozone Depletion) Rainforest Climate (Tropical Evergreen Climate) Monsoon Climate | Monsoon Forests Savanna Climate (Tropical Wet Dry Climate) Desert Climate | Hot Deserts & Mid-Latitude Deserts Steppe Climate (Temperate Grassland Climate) Mediterranean Climate (Western Margin Climate) China Type Climate, Gulf Type Climate & Natal Type Climate British Type Climate (European Maritime Climate) Taiga Climate | Coniferous Forests & Lumbering Laurentian Climate | Fishing off Newfoundland & Japan Tundra Climate (Polar Climate or Arctic Climate)

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